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Our Research Competences:

Members of Engineering Management Department (EMD) are experts in Material flow balancing, Environmental management, Quantitative data analysis, Numerical modeling, Statistical modeling (including linear and nonlinear statistics), Modeling of industrial processes and use of simulation techniques (Optimization methods – Linear Programming, Non-linear Programming, Dynamic Programming), Data mining, Algorithm development, Information systems, E-commerce, Multicriteria models for ranking and selection of optimal solutions (Multicriteria methods: PROMETHEE, AHP, ELECTRE, …), Services Marketing, Market research,  Web design, E- commerce and Online marketing. Members of this department have published large number of scientific papers in international journals (SCI and SCIe lists) and presented at international meetings, presenting the results of our projects and research activities. The projects on which the EMD experts are included are in the scope of: Material flow analysis, Material flow management, Education and Consulting, Curriculum development, International Networks Building, Entrepreneurship and Innovation…

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Our research directions:

1.    EMD is one of departments of Technical Faculty in Bor, located in the city of Bor (Serbia). This region is famous for the wide developed industrial activity, due to the fact that one of the largest copper mine and copper smelting facility is located in the region ( ). Accordingly, our first research goal is dedicated to Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of the large industrial Facilities, based on the contemporary numerical analysis. Besides cooperation with the local RTB Bor Company, representatives of EMD were involved in industrial projects with companies:  Birač Alumina Company from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Arcelor Mittal Steel from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


2.    Another goal of EMD is in environmental management research. In frame of this research representatives of EMD are developing the frames for monitoring, modeling and prevention of different industrial and non industrial waste and pollution sources in the region of Serbia. Representatives of the EMD from Technical faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade, have conducted large number of investigations in the research field of air and soil pollution in the vicinity of large industrial facilities. Main object of our previous research work was the SO2 and PM emission modeling, in the vicinity of copper smelter. The main target of our research was development of accurate model for prediction of SO2 concentration, depending on input parameters of copper smelting process and the meteorological parameters. Also, we conducted research on dependence of PM concentration in the air and in the soil deepening on position of the area relative to smelter plant. Besides this, we have experience in analyzing the sources of tropospheric ozone in the urban environment. From our previous research, we obtained a database with air quality indicators at different measuring stations in Serbia (SO2, NO, NOx, VOx, O3 and PM), together with statistical evaluation of the data.


3.      The third research goal of EMD is in development of entrepreneurial potential of young people (high school and university students) in the region. This is due to the fact that monostructural industry of the region in surrounding of large industrial facilities have led to low level of development of entrepreneurial potentials, especially among younger population.  In frame of this research goal, in the year 2008 Technical faculty in Bor become partner of the HP LIFE program ( ). This program is based on most contemporary approach of integrating the ICT in entrepreneurship. Special interest of this project is in acceleration of youth entrepreneurship in the form of SME and microenterprises development. The program was originally developed as the GET IT project, managed by Micro Enterprise Acceleration Institute - MEA I (Switzerland) and Hewlett Packard. During the year 2012 this project continued as HP LIFE program. Education according to the HP LIFE program is organized in 49 countries around the world. As a participating organization, Technical faculty in Bor, received HP equipment and training materials for the program.  With obtained equipment and skills, members of EMD, developed the GET IT curriculum in Serbian language and integrated it in the 3rd year subjects of EMD curriculum: Management informational systems and Entrepreneurship. Accordingly, since the year 2009 all students of EMD, enrolled at these courses are also trained in accordance to the HP LIFE curriculum.  During the year 2012, Technical faculty in Bor proposed the HP LIFE Serbia project to Center for Promotion of Science in Belgrade ( The Center decided to support this project. Accordingly Technical Faculty in Bor organized training for students in high schools in Bor (the high school for economy and trade and the high school for technical education). With the same goal, we are also actively included in the activities of the Resita network for entrepreneurship and innovation.