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EE: IM for TP 2016

Ecological Entrepreneurship: Innovation Management for Technical Products and Intellectual Property



Summer School (for Master and PhD Students) on the topic: 


Ecological Entrepreneurship: Innovation Management for Technical Products and Intellectual Property


will take place in Bor – Serbia on 02 – 06 October 2016.



The summer school will include workshops on following main topics:

·         Ecological Entrepreneurship,

·         Innovation Management,

·         Tools for Generating Innovative Ideas,

·         Intellectual Property.


Summer School IDI EE 2016 will be organized as the activity of the International Resita Network for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - RESITA Network (

Organizing institution will be Engineering Management Department of Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade (

Engineering Management Department

Lecturers at EE: IM for TP 2016 summer school will be eminent professors from the field of Entrepreneurship, Innovations Management, Operations Management, Environmental Management, Material Flow and Decision Science.


Ivan Mihajlovic


Prof. dr Michael Graef

Prof. dr Ivan Mihajlovic

Prof. dr Đorđe Nikolić

Fachhochschule Worms , Germany

Technical Faculty in Bor, Serbia

Technical Faculty in Bor, Serbia


Short description of planned research work: Students participating in the EE: IM for TP 2016 summer school will be of different research background. We plan to invite students from the field of Economics, Management, Business, Engineering Management, Accounting, Engineering, Material Flow ... During the Summer School activities, students will form international and interdisciplinary teams, of up to 5 people, to work on development of original business ideas. During the introduction sections, student will get familiar with the research topic of Ecological Entrepreneurship. Students will obtain basic training of the tools for Strategic Thinking, Generating new Innovative Ideas, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, CSR and Social Entrepreneurship.

At the beginning of the students participating in the EE: IM for TP 2016 summer school, students will participate at the 6th Environmental and Material Flow Management- EMFM 2016, conference, which will also take place in Bor (Serbia) at 02-04 October (Details about the EMFM 2016 and first call are available here). Students will have chance to present their research work at this meeting, and also to listen to the presentations of eminent researchers in the field of Environmental and Material Flow Management. the EMFM 2016 will be organized this year for the sixth time, jointly by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade (Serbia),  Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, University of Applied Sciences Trier (Germany), presenting a forum for scientific research discussion and practice on the subjects of environmental and material flow management.

Then, students will work on development of new business ideas for startups which should be operating in the scope of Ecological Entrepreneurship. Students will have opportunities to visit local companies in the region, which can be considered as potential connections in the supply chain of the future startups, for which they are developing the business models. Students will be supported by all lecturers during the development of the business model for new Ecological Entrepreneurship startups.

During the workshops students will have opportunity to get familiar with the aspects of Intellectual Properties, connected with further steps in transforming the successful business ideas to real startups. This topic will be addressed by the representatives of the Center of Technology Transfer of the University in Belgrade (

Outcomes: The final outcomes of students team work will be fully developed business models for new startups which will be operating in the field of Ecological Entrepreneurship. On the last day, students will demonstrate their results in form of presentations, which will be followed by discussions and debriefing session.

Publications: For students who participate in the EMFM 2016 conference, there will be possibility to publish their research work in the official Book of proceedings of this conference. Best conference papers will be published in the Serbian Journal of Management (, indexed in SCOPUS and EBSCO. All results of students research work, developed during the workshops, will be published in the Monographic study, with the ISBN number.

Participation fee: For limited number of students’ participants coming from RESITA net universities (, all accommodation and transportation costs will be covered by DAAD fund, including the participation fee. For students outside RESITA network institutions, participation fee is 200 EUR. The participation fee covers: Delegate’s kit with all required teaching materials, Banquet dinner, coffee breaks, publication of research manuscript in the EMFM 2016 Book of proceedings and Publication of results developed during the workshops in the final Monographic study. Participation fee, for students applying outside RESITA network institutions, doesn’t include accommodation and transportation costs.

Galleries from previous Summer Schools organized by International Resita Network are available here:

Accommodation: Hotel “ALBO” which is located at attractive location on the entrance of the city of Bor.

Hotel ALBO_1

Contact details for information and reservation:

Reception:    +381(30)24-96-962
Reservation +381(30)24-96-964

Hotel room prices per day - full board arrangement:

Single room (1/1): 35 40 EUR; Double room/ per person (1/2): 30 – 35 EUR

Room reservations should be done before September 15, 2016!


Application and Important dates: If you are interested to participate to the summer school, please send your application until September 15 2016. The application should include your name, University at which you are studying, the field of your study, level of studies (master or PhD), contact details (address, phone number, e-mail). Please send your application on following e-mail:


Contact details for the  EE: IM for TP 2016 Summer School:

Ivan Mihajlovic

Technical Faculty in Bor,

Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia

+381(64)227 36 21